Want to see what we’re getting up to next?

Q4 2018

Platform development and close beta trading.

Q1 2019

Platform Launch Completed

1. Version 1 - Initial platform release
2. Bitmex support for signal and automatic trading

Invite Only

UI Improvements Completed

1. Model portfolios help you decide how to choose the pairs
2. Displays percentage return for w/m/y in your dashboard

UX Improvements Completed

1. Added a notice when creating a new strategy which will indicate what is the maximum risk for that strategy.
2. Improving the signals display in discord to make it clearer and easy to understand the signals detail.

Algo Update Completed

Version 2 released with improved strategy and better ROI compare to version 1.

Q2 2019

Activate Binance support Completed

Binance Exchange support for Signals and Automatic Trading

Support more Trading Exchanges Completed

1. Houbi support for Trading Signals
2. Add Trading Signals support for Bitfinex
Signals only, not available for Automatic Trading

Tradingview Indicator Completed

Provide traders the access to our inhouse indicator to give you a better view of the market on other timeframes.

User Watchlist Completed

Ability to watchlist coins and when there is a buy/sell signal in the 4h and 1D, the bot will send you a notification via your own dedicated discord channel instead of you browsing the main bot discord channels.

Smart Trading Completed

You can open a trade anytime direct from Easy Crypto platform, the system will continue your trades and manage stoploss accordingly.

Scoreboard Completed

Add scoreboard to individual crypto asset to see the detailed past performance and display a % possibility for an asset to move to give a much better quality signal.

Support more Trading Exchanges Pending

Kucoin and Poloniex for Trading Signals

Q3 2019

3D and 1W Timeframe Pending

Add 3D ( 3 days ) and 1W ( 1 week ) time frame on all pairs

Account Type for different Trading Style Pending

Allow traders to select the type of account when opening a trade;
1. Manual: the user can buy and close order by hand, the stop loss is created automatically and adjusted accordingly.
2. Hybrid: choose the pairs and the percentage of capital, leverage to use for each pairs. (already available)
3. Automated: choose the coins and how many coins to trade at the same time and the system will automatically trade.
4. Autonomous: the system will select and trade 5 coins at the same time base on inbuilt trading system parameters.
5. Portfolio: traders can select a type portfolio (aggressive, safe, etc..) and the system will manage and trade it automatically.

Support more Trading Exchanges Pending

Stex and Hitbtc for Trading Signals

Support Bot Automatic Trading for more Exchanges Pending

1. Houbi support for Bot Trading
2. Deribit support for Bot Trading

Social Trading / Mirror Trades Pending

Copy the real-time trades of other traders you want to follow, so every time they trade you can automatically replicate (copy) their trades in your own account.

Q4 2019

Discord Bots Pending

Build a discord bot, to get all kind of information about a coin / pair, statistics, last signals, etc... directly from discord channels


Support Forex and Future marketsPending

Exchanges to be specified at a later time.