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Hello friends of EasyCrypto!

We continue to crank out new features for your enjoyment. Today's little big feature is called...


If you liked the signals so far you are probably going to love them now. We worked on providing you with indicators to help you make a better choice on the quality of the signals.

We implemented a new functionality which allow you choose in your account what is the minimum ROI you expect from the trade. Please understand this is NOT the minimum ROI you will get! Nobody can predict the future not even the most fancy AI. Based on your settings in your Account there are pairs that you will NOT be available for trade any more.
By default we set all existing account to High ROI requirements. Therefore any pair which had lower ROI expectation might get stopped automatically at the end of the current trade.
You can check the list of all strategies and their respective ROI here:

Once a week we calculate the ROI of each pair for the last 3 months, 6 months, and 1 years. From those timeframe we define what is the minimum ROI as follow:

High ROI: Past 1 year minimum of 50%, past 6 months minimum 30%, past 3 months minimum 10%
Average ROI: Past 1 year minimum of 30%, past 6 months minimum 20%, past 3 months minimum 5%
Low ROI: Past 1 year minimum of 10%, past 6 months minimum 5%, past 3 months minimum -10%

Anyway pair which does not have at least a -10% ROI over 3 months, and positive ROI in 6months and 1 years will not be signaled any more in the main channels until the ROI improve. The signals which dont mean the criteria are all send to the discord channel called #bad-roi

All Signal will now have 3 new Icons attached to it, representing what we call the 3 Rs of trading ( Roi - Risk - Rsi )
ROI are represented with the diamond icon as above.


The Risk is represented with a danger sign:
Low Risk
Medium Risk
High Risk
The risk is a representation of the risk of the trade to success or fail.
RSI is actually NOT the standard trading RSI it is a proprietary oscillator indicator which works similarly as an RSI. We represent it with a number from 1 to 9.  1 being the most favorable, and 9 being the least favorable.


Please be aware we reduced the leverage on most leverage trades, to avoid people taking more risk than they can bare.


Trading Dashboard

Finally we also made a new Trading Dashboard in your account in the website. You will be able to find quickly information about each pair / strategy to decide what you want to trade.


What you need to do?

Go to your account dashboard > Accounts and edit it
You need to define your acceptable ROI, the lower ROI you select the higher chance you going to get expose to underperforming assets. If you select 'High ROI", you will not be able to trade assets who has bad performance.

As always, if you hit any snags with the new update let us know immediately and we'll fix it right up!


What else is going on?

  • We are finalizing our inhouse Tradingview indicator
  • We are working hard on bringing "Asset Watchlist" feature to EasyCrypto. Hang tight!