Grow your wealth and win your freedom

At Easy Crypto Club, we are always on the lookout for new technologies and solutions to make you a profitable trader and have fun at the same time. Like you, we are working towards helping you achieve financial independence with less frustrating screen watching.

We believe that human being are meant to love and create not process data and do repetitive task.

One of the best book about trading is "Trading in the Zone" by Mark Douglas. If we dare to summarize it in two words it would be: "Be emotionless". The best trader are emotionless about their trading. They have a system and they follow it religiously. That is all great, but that is exactly what a computer is meant to do, not a human being. This is exactly why we set to find a way to get the computers to do all the works, while we can spend more time with family and friends. Welcome to Easy Crypto Club!

We are a team of crypto enthusiasts excited by the immense potential for humanity to free itself from the shackles of bad monetary policies. Blockchain technology will also bring more transparent and truth into the inner functioning of our societies.

Our moto is Simple, Efficient and Profitable.

Simple: We made our system as easy as possible. Check the statistics, decide which pairs and time frame you want to trade and simply follow the signals. No charting or specific knowledge required.

Efficient: Our system demands only very limit time every day. You can do it while at work, while watching the baby or in between tasks. With our trading bots, you even trade while you sleep.

Profitable: We show you the potential profits with real numbers before you even sign up. No empty promises, only facts. We only trade pairs we know our bots can make profits on.

Our commitments:


All our historical trades are provided for review and audit. You can even try our free signals to get a feel. With you are always in control of your funds. With our bots, you only provide us with your exchange API key to remotely trade your account.


Either you are satisfied and find value into our services or we will refund you. We provide 30 days money back guarantee no question asked. So you can try for 30 days if you are not satisfied you get a refund.

It gets even better, we are so confident that you will find value with our system, for the Elite plan we even provided a 5x commitment or we refund your entire yearly membership, see details here.


Profits are made by catching the big moves and having proper money management, to limit losses. And that is exactly what our bots are designed for. We only focus on the Daily and 4 Hours moves, anything lower is very time consuming and difficult to be consistently profitable except for HFT.


Finally while most people focus on ROI ( Return On Investment ), very few people consider ROT ( Return On Time ). It takes an enormous amount of time to scan charts all day long to find that one opportunity. Let our bots do that! While you can spend more time, with family and friends or go create the next big thing...